Thursday, September 2, 2010


BYU IS INDEPENDENT! (in foosball)

I am justifying this post because although this situation was not governmental politics (which is generally the focus of my posts) it was political, and for me a BYU fan, it was highly exciting news.

So after days of rumors and almost for-sures, BYU (a private college located in Provo, Utah) officially declared its independence in football!

Here are the key details as I know them:

BYU signed on an 8-year contract with ESPN
- ESPN will broadcast at least three games
- ESPN has exclusive rights to broadcast any BYU home game
- BYU reserves same day broadcast rights for all home games (BYU-TV)

BYU and Notre Dame will meet six times between 2012 and 2020

BYU will have at five games with WAC teams in 2011 and four in 2012

BYU will play all other sports (basketball, baseball, ect.) with the WCC (West Coast Conference)

BYU's sports not included in the WCC agreement (cause the WCC doesn't play these sports) are softball, swimming, and track (which they are currently looking for a place for these sports to play)

So in short, I'm excited for BYU. This will be fun (I hope) and I will love not being as limited to what BYU games I can or cannot watch due to what channel I do or do not have (BYU-TV is available in most markets AND online).



Michael said...

I also read a comment today (though unconfirmed in any of the news posts) that BYUtv can have a live showing of any game not played on any of the three major ESPN stations (ESPN, ESPN2, ABC). I don't how true that is but it would be awesome if it were. I'm so excited to be able to watch BYU games again. No one carries The Mtn or CBS College Sports out here in Virginia unless you get the added sports package.

Josh said...

I don't know if it includes away games. I know that's the case for any home game. I'm not sure if the rights change when the game isn't played at your school.