Wednesday, September 8, 2010

America is Great!

I was reminded the other day by someone who has immigrated to this country, about how great the United States of America really IS, ‘is’ as in present tense. Not ‘was’ as in past tense.

I think too often I listen to negative remarks and overlay them on my own perspective. These are negative remarks I have heard from friends, family members, reporters, commentators, republicans, democrats, tea partiers, independents, conservatives, liberals, and my own lips. It doesn't matter where you stand politically, 'both' political sides seem to be using negative perspectives to try and get more power than another side.

I'm sick of it. I miss loving my country for the optimism it promised.

I think I used to be a much more positive person in my youth. I tried to stay away from prejudging or hopeless thinking. Now, unfortunately, I seem much more comfortable embracing both.

I want to do better.

We as a people can do better.

We in America are part of the largest economy in the world, built upon the amazing industry of those who have gone before us in our free market. We are the richest country in the world.

We have the freedom to speak and to gather. We have the freedom to practice our religion or not practice any religion. We have the ability to make of ourselves anything we CHOOSE! We can provide our children with the same optimism and freedom. We have the ability to do the greatest good possible in the entire world!

Now, there are problems, and those problems must be addressed. But they must be addressed with hope (that's for the Obama fans) and with a steadfastness to protect individual rights.

Problems should be addressed with the idea that we can overcome our problems. That our problems do not define us, but instead it is our resolution for doing what's right, our creativity, and our industry that defines us.

America is great! It embodies the hopes and dreams of countless people. It is beautiful and inspiring. It is a land of milk and honey.

I love being an American.


merrilykaroly said...

Me too.

buildauniverse said...

I'll happily take political squabling over starvation, genocide, famine and lack of freedom any day.

brent said...

Just by being born in this country you have, what Warren Buffet called, "won the ovarian lottery"

The sad part is most lottery winners (literally and figuratively) squander the opportunity with poor choices and end up worse than if they had never won at all.

The country is only as good as the choices we make and the results we produce. No one should expect to have freedom and opportunity served up for free.

Justin K said...

You know what I find most interesting about this? It is that too often we dwell on the negatives in life when there are so many positives.

I agree that I have heard negative things from all sides and a few positive things... However I am unable to name the last ones that I have heard besides this post and the comments below.

There is one thing that I think is important for us as people in this country should do. And that is to stand up for what is right and continue to fight for the freedoms which we currently enjoy through our actions and our words, in our homes and in the office.

It has to start from within. And I agree with Josh, I love being American.

NoSurfGirl said...

I'm so glad you wrote this.

We are really ungrateful if we don't realize how unique and amazing a place America really is.

Linda said...