Thursday, December 23, 2010

How is Obama a Loser?

Really, I'm being honest here, but for all intensive purposes I do not think Obama is a loser. He has accomplished almost everything he has set out to do. And with Republicans balancing out congress this next year, Obama has the chance to show that he is willing to work across party lines. His recent tax proposals could be an indication of that.

Personally, I really dislike many of the things Obama has been successful at getting through congress. Health Care Reform and additional bailout funds are at the top of the list, but not all inclusive.

But how is Obama a loser? What has Obama not accomplished that he said he would? Don't Ask Don't Tell was finally snuck off the books during the holiday season. I really can't think of anything left. Can you? If a checklist is a good indicator of success, Obama has surprisingly crossed much off his list and achieved a high 'not a loser' score.

So why do people, even people from Obama's same party say that Obama is a loser? That they aren't pleased with him?

It seems strange to me, they appear to be getting everything they wanted out of him, in record timing even. I don't get it. In fact all this loser calling is making me curious.

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NoSurfGirl said...

Good question.

I think a piece of it is that the very vocal, extremist elements fof both the democratic and reupblican party now have reason do dislike Obama.

The "progressives" as they call themselves, elected Obama with the full belief that he was a progressive. I think a lot of that was their own desire to believe that, and not because of the things Obama was saying (which clearly indicated that Obama was very centrist... sort of leaning left, maybe more so than any recent presidents, but certainly not a progressive.) So now that he's doing the centrist things he campaigned on (with a liberal sprinkling of the liberal things he campaigned on) it's not good enough for those progressives (who really did put him over the top, votes-wise.) SO they're diasspointed, and as we all know, it's better to not get someone's hopes up, than to dissappoint them, particularly in political office.

I think it's funny, because I think a lot of people heard what they wanted to hear in OBama's giant, rallying speeches before he was elected.

I actually voted for Obmam in part because I saw him as a fair-minded, mild-tempered, diplomatic centrist with some liberal tendencies, and i was comfortable with that (more comfortable especially than voting for a McCain, who I won't generalize about right now). And so far, Obama has not dissappointed me, at least. I agree that the bailouts were sickening. Awful.

I think the healthcare plan had problems... it was like buying the three0speed, platinum-bladed blender from Kohls instead of going to DI for the ten year old Cuisinart that could cut through red tape in an instant and give us all what we want for far less.

But other than that, I actually quite love our president. That's right! I said LOVE. :) I'm a firm member of whatever 30%ish approval statistic he has going for him right now.